Can you cut off the top of a tree without killing it?

If the tree dies, it will have to be removed. If it survives, it is likely that it will need corrective pruning, although it will never recover its original natural shape. However, there is an infamous pruning shortcut that prevents trees from having a healthy tree of life crown. When you cut the crown of a tree, you leave behind a weak tree that is unstable and risks decaying.

Many people think that you can shorten a tree by cutting the top. What they don't realize is that the cover permanently disfigures and damages the tree, and can even kill it. Once a tree is crowned, it can be improved with the help of an arborist, but it can never be fully restored. Read on for information on tree cover that can help you make better decisions about tree shortening.

I just can't help but think that it just doesn't make any sense to potentially (and probably) damage and kill the tree in the process of trying to save it. It is possible to prune trees to thin out awnings; this reduces wind and ice pressure on the trunk and branches and reduces the risk of failure. Cutting a branch with bark included that is growing too close to the sidewalk will prevent this tree from being damaged and broken. The small, temporary branches also help the tree grow by drawing water and nutrients through the trunk and protecting it from sun damage.

I have a fir tree that is 80 feet tall, it was crowned about 10 years ago, but now it has grown 2 new cups. If you're feeling overwhelmed and need help caring for your Texas oaks from professional tree care experts, don't hesitate to call the ISA-certified arborists at TreeNewal for personalized tree care tips. What is difficult for most people to understand is that pruning, done right, strengthens the tree rather than weakens it. After Hurricane Sandy knocked down some of them, fortunately the fallen trees didn't reach the house, I was very anxious about those trees.

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